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Strip drinking games at college party

strip drinking games
Strip drinking games at college party lead to naughty sex acts, all caught on camera. Who knew it would turn out this way? The college girls start off in a dorm room drinking their ass off on Cinco de Mayo, and after some drinks and dares later, end up playing a modified game of spin the bottle. Instead of just kissing, they have to do one thing they’re told. With horny teens, what else? The clothes come off and sexual dares begin. One girl ends up banging two dudes in a college threesome, and it all began with some innocent strip drinking games hahaha.


Naughty college girl takes in deep in her shaved teen pussy

teenage sex

Cherry Lane is an naughty college girl who does not mind being exploited at all! She’s already had sex with eight guys, but that’s just the beginning for this cock loving teen slut. She loves sex and hopes to capture her next conquest on camera! You’ll love her tight, tanned body, perky little boobs and nice ass. This is one beautiful teenager with silky long hair and a stunning smile. She loves get oral, too. Tell her to tongue your sack and she will. Watch her wince in pain as she mounts this big dick, bouncing on it wildly then taking it deep in her shaved teen pussy.


Teenage slut works over a big cock

teenage blowjob

Spoiled Zeina Heart didn’t want to concentrate on her English lesson. She was being pouty and giving her tutor Voodoo a tough time. She was just not paying attention, day dreaming about swallowing large cocks etc, etc. She convinced Voodoo into fulfilling her daydream with a promise to be more studious if he would just give this college girl a naughty lesson… How could anyone resist a teenage slut this damn fine? Voodoo could not resist those pouty lips and the lesson turned into a half swallowed, half worn cum facial of truly bi-lingual proportions.

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